ajaxWrite and Open Office / Open Document Format

I just read on Om Malik on Boardband that Michael Robertson of MP3.com, Linspire and SIPphone fame just annonced a new project called ajaxWrite.

This is a pure web application word processor without any storage behind it like Writely (when you open a document you upload it and when you save it you download it) but it seems very well written.

The only thing that bothers me is that they claim they support all major file formats but what they actually support is MS Word, RTF, Text and PDF.

What about the Open Office and/or the Open Document Format? Why isn’t it supported?
If you are going to make such an application available why not use an OPEN format that will be accessible for all?

It’s annoying. Really.

Anyhow, while this is very cool, I think it could be a good addition to Bubbles.

One thought on “ajaxWrite and Open Office / Open Document Format”

  1. Good call. Thanks for pointing this out. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it. And given the creators’ background in open source and standards, this seems really strange!

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