My good friend Yaniv lately talked a lot about tags and other tagging related issues.Now this whole tagging thing is kinda going out of hand so I’ve decided to create a new game that will bring tagging to the real world.I’ve decided to call it GoTag.


  • One pack of 3M PostIts in the color of your choice (Yellow is recommened because you can see it very well on all clothes).
  • One dark marker pen to write on the PostIts.

How to play?

  1. Walk along main street of your town/city.
  2. Find interesting people and think of tags for them
  3. Write down the tag on a PostIt note with the marker pen
  4. Try to attach the PostIt to the person.
  5. If the person is not willing to get a PostIt on its clothes or seems to be someone that doesn’t understand humor too much, consider silently sneaking behind the person and gently attach the post it to the clothes.

“OK, so you have this game which is similar to the “Kick my ass” sticker people attach to the backs of the friends they don’t really like. What about Social networking?”Now the fun part begins…. Before attaching the PostIt be sure to leave special sign on the PostIt so if other people will read it they will know who put the PostIt there.Try to create a map of all the symbols of your friends and your friends friends and when you see a PostIt you’ll immediatly be able to calculate what is the distance between the person that wrote the tag and you.Isn’t it much more fun than to tag blog posts, bookmarks, pictures and other stuff? :-)