Jerusalem ROCKS! ticket prices go down – Grab it while it’s hot!

According to this link on Jeff Pulver’s blog and this link on Ynet (an Israeli online newspaper – link is in Hebrew) the prices for the Jerusalem ROCKS! event I’ve previously mentioned, are now down due to demand from the people (mostly young people).

The prices are now 249 NIS for a place on the grass and 229 NIS for a place in the balcony (previous prices were 360 and 306 respectively). That’s a decrease of 25%-30% (depending on the ticket type).

The official blogs are here (Hebrew) and here (English).

The lineup is very extensive and for this price its a really good bargain on top of the fact that these are going to be great shows! Some of the line up include: The Black Eyed Peas, Arrested Development, the original band from the movie “The Commitments” in addition to an israei line up of “Hadag Nachah”, Muki and more.

You can get the tickets online on

Jeff Pulver, one of the organizers of this event, is looking for some corporate sponsors for this event. Check out his blog post on the subject and contact him.

Jeff Pulver’s party for Israeli Facebook users and Jerusalem ROCKS!

Last Thursday I went to Jeff Pulver‘s party for Israeli Facebook users in the Tel Aviv Harbor.

All in all it was very fun and the mood was great. We also discovered that Israelis don’t drink that much even in an almost open bar – Jeff had to take a mic and rush us all into the bar to get to the minimum he told the bar he would pay for :-)

I’d like to thank Jeff for a very nice and casual party. Thanks Jeff!

During the party, Jeff told us about Jerusalem Rocks, an event he co-organizes on September 9th in Jerusalem which will bring the Black Eyed Pees back to Israel, the original band from the Movie the Commitments as well as “Hadag Nachash” (Israeli band) and others Israeli bands.

The concert is NOT for profit (it’s for Peace and fun) and every single dime that will be earned on top of the expenses will go back to a pool to be used next year for the same event.

In addition to that 4,000 seats will be given to children around Israel that usually can’t afford to go to such concerts.

All in all, this is a good concert for a good cause organized by a good man!

Tickets sales should start this week (or so I’m told) so if you are an Israeli go buy the tickets, if you are not an Israeli and you might be in Israel on September 9th buy it as well!

If you can’t come, spread the word to everyone you know!

Facebook hCard Microformat Application

Being a big fan of Microformats as well as a relatively new Facebook user, I find it odd that Facebook has no Microformats support (at least non that I know of).

I’ve decided to remedy the situation a bit and created a small Facebook application which adds hCard support to your profile as a profile box. It is called the hCard application.

It features your Contact information (as much of it as it can) which include:

  • You profile photo (thumb version)
  • Your full name
  • Link to your Facebook profile
  • City, state and country (any combination of these 3)

Up until now (~8am Israel time) there are 38 users (and only 6 of them are my friends, so it’s quite nice ;-) ).

As far as I could see from my friends’ profile, most of them didn’t add much information, and Facebook are doing a good job saving the privacy of their users by not exposing too much information. This means that the information exposes using the hCard only shows their profile photo and name. In some cases it shows their country and/or state.

All in all, its a good experiment so far, but you can make it better by adding it to your profile and invite your friends to add it as well :-)

If you have suggestion, comments or anything else about the application feel free to drop me something on my contact page here on this blog, or comment in the application’s discussion board on Facebook.