According to this link on Jeff Pulver’s blog and this link on Ynet (an Israeli online newspaper – link is in Hebrew) the prices for the Jerusalem ROCKS! event I’ve previously mentioned, are now down due to demand from the people (mostly young people).

The prices are now 249 NIS for a place on the grass and 229 NIS for a place in the balcony (previous prices were 360 and 306 respectively). That’s a decrease of 25%-30% (depending on the ticket type).

The official blogs are here (Hebrew) and here (English).

The lineup is very extensive and for this price its a really good bargain on top of the fact that these are going to be great shows! Some of the line up include: The Black Eyed Peas, Arrested Development, the original band from the movie “The Commitments” in addition to an israei line up of “Hadag Nachah”, Muki and more.

You can get the tickets online on

Jeff Pulver, one of the organizers of this event, is looking for some corporate sponsors for this event. Check out his blog post on the subject and contact him.