Being a big fan of Microformats as well as a relatively new Facebook user, I find it odd that Facebook has no Microformats support (at least non that I know of).

I’ve decided to remedy the situation a bit and created a small Facebook application which adds hCard support to your profile as a profile box. It is called the hCard application.

It features your Contact information (as much of it as it can) which include:

  • You profile photo (thumb version)
  • Your full name
  • Link to your Facebook profile
  • City, state and country (any combination of these 3)

Up until now (~8am Israel time) there are 38 users (and only 6 of them are my friends, so it’s quite nice ;-) ).

As far as I could see from my friends’ profile, most of them didn’t add much information, and Facebook are doing a good job saving the privacy of their users by not exposing too much information. This means that the information exposes using the hCard only shows their profile photo and name. In some cases it shows their country and/or state.

All in all, its a good experiment so far, but you can make it better by adding it to your profile and invite your friends to add it as well :-)

If you have suggestion, comments or anything else about the application feel free to drop me something on my contact page here on this blog, or comment in the application’s discussion board on Facebook.