Google Talk Chat Log Viewer

After discovering the Google Talk Chat Log format and seeing that its not human readable, I’ve decided to write a log viewer so I can check out and read my logs whenever I want to.

You can download the Google Talk Chat Log Viewer v0.1 from here .

I’ve also written there the Google Talk Chat Log format if anyone else is interested.


4 thoughts on “Google Talk Chat Log Viewer”

  1. The problem is that the chat log is for 20 last messages which are shown in the client itself so for now there is no use for this application. Probably next version will fix it. It strange, why don’t they keep chat history? Its Google, no? Probably its somewhere in their servers… One they you will pay to see your chat history. Or maybe your wife will pay…

  2. I can’t use your chat log viewer…somehow it doesn’t work to me =(…should I have something special on my computer tu use your program?

  3. Well… this worked on the very first version of GTalk, so it might have broken up.

    When I’ll have a bit more time I’ll look into it.

    If you know C#, you can download the source and check it out for yourself.

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