SpaceX is about to launch the Falcon 1 rocket for the first time – History in the making (I hope)

I’m just watching the live feed of the SpaceX‘s Falcon 1 rocket launch. I can’t even begin to describe what the impact of this whole move is if the launch succeeds as planned. The Falcon 1 rocket is the first all American, built from scratch, rocket in the last 25+ years. It is built from new materials and its launch cost is $6.7 million which is about a quarter of what a launch will cost on a Delta II rocket or equivalent (even the Russian launch costs are higher than this the cost of launching Falcon 1). [Read More]

Discovery is back, and in one piece

I’m so glad to see Discovery back in one piece. I still remember Feb 1st 2003. It was my grandmother’s birthday and we were sitting in a nice restaurant at the northern part of Israel. After eating, we went to visit a nice little place called “Hacula Vally” which was a swamp that was dried out in the 1920s or so but was now back to its (almost) original dimension. [Read More]