Redis Snowflake UniqueID Module

Ever since Redis Modules were released into the wild, I wanted to write something nice and short and see how easy and fun it is to significantly extend Redis. It also helps that Dvirsky, my friend, works at Redis Labs and wrote RediSearch - a kick ass full text indexing and search engine that kicks all the other search engines’ performance ass (you should definitly try it out). For a while now, to try out new languages/frameworks/whatever I’ve been using Twitter’s Snowflake. [Read More]

Python Implementation of Twitter’s Snowflake Service

A while back Twitter announced the Snowflake service. Snowflake is a unique ID generator that is fast and generate 64bit integer unique ids that are “roughly sortable”. That is, newer ids are bigger than older ones, up to a certain point. The service was originally written in Scala (which runs on the JVM) and has a Thrift interface, which means you can talk to it from almost any thinkable programming language. [Read More]