Cross platform, Winamp functionality identical media player ?!

I like WinAmp. It’s a great media player. Always has been. I’m still using it when I use Windows because its not as bloated and heavy as Windows Media Player or iTunes. If you got the right skin you can stick it up at the top of the screen where its reachable, useful, shows you what you are listening to and not get in your way. It also has lots of plugins for every conceivable idea, which is always good. [Read More]

Yedda Twitter – Oh the joy!

I just wanted to let all of you know that we just released a new feature on Yedda which integrates nicely with your Twitter account. You can read the official blog post here. In a nut shell, upon giving Yedda your twitter username and password, you will be able to share your Yedda expecrience with your Twitter friends. We will twitt on behalf of you about questions you ask, answers you give, questions you add to your watch list, thumbs up you give to other answers and questions you are being invited to answer by Yedda (all configurable through the settings screen). [Read More]

Yedda and me or why didn’t I post here lately

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been very busy with Yedda and it is the main reason why it’s been very quite here. But now, you can check out my Profile at Yedda as well as see questions I’ve answered and questions I’ve asked. And as Yaniv pointed out, this is also a test question. I’m not really into baking and stuff… Technorati : Answers, Eran, Knowledge, Questions, Social Software, Yedda [Read More]