Zoundry Blog Writer – a new version

Zoundry released a new version of their Blog Writer product. Some of the more prominent features added (which a lot of users including me asked for) are: XHTML Editor – You can now see and edit the generated XHTML Spell Checker – No more copying and pasting stuff to another spell checker :-) Check out the full feature list and download. I’ve been using Zoundry for the past 6 months as my primary posting tool for this blog as well as my Advanced . [Read More]

My first post using a Blog Editor

I’ve decided I wanted to find a reasonable blog editor to post from instead of using the web interface of Blogger (which is nice, but not THAT nice) After long searches and going through a lot of blog editors (some even cost money) I’ve found this one which is called Zoundry which is even written in Python. It has some neat features in it like: Tags support – including support for Technorati, Del. [Read More]