If you haven’t done so already, go check out (and hopefully use, afterwards) As written in’s about page: acts as a bridge between these two worlds. You can sign in to using your Yahoo! account, and then create one or more OpenID accounts for use elsewhere on the Web. Basically, if you have a Yahoo ID, you can sign-in and create an OpenID for yourself at idproxy. [Read More] and or I’m late, again!

I just read Simon Willison‘s post about It’s funny, I just talked about such a service in a previous post and also mentioned I’m working on the same service. I was suppose to release it a week ago but had some other issues to attend to as well as some learning curve with using JanRains’ PHP OpenID library and only manage to get it almost working yesterday. I was planning on release it this week, but since Simon already released idproxy. [Read More]