Got a new MP3 player – iRiver X20

Lately my 3rd generation 20Gb iPod battery started to die very early. It barely lasted for 2 hours. Changing a battery through Apple’s israeli representatives is not a very nice thing or easy to do and I didn’t want to wait for a replacement do-it-yourself battery from eBay so I’ve decided it was time for a new player. In addition to that a 3rd gen iPod has only 32Mb of RAM (it optimizes the battery life by loading ~32Mb from the drive every time, thus reducing the need to go back to the hard drive every time) and Apple recommended to have files of 9mb or less for best battery performance. [Read More]

Bi-Wiring is Cool

I just moved to a new apartment and when I started to setup my home theater system again I’ve decided to use Bi-Wiring for my front speakers. My front speakers support this and up until now had a bridge connecting the elements of my speaker. I removed the bridge and ran cables to each part. While the Wikipedia article states that from an electrical point of view there is no difference when you bi-wire or not, I did notice a difference in the sound which might stem from the very small changes in resistance which theoretically exists since the system has changed a bit. [Read More]