Plaxo OpenID support lacks OpenID Delegation support

UPDATE: Plaxo DO support delegation, just not XRDS. It seems a WP database problem caused some of my OpenID delegation plug-in to mess up settings the wrong openid.server and openid.delegate values.

It should have been for openid.server and for openid.delegate. The problem was due to the fact that XRDS is yet to be supported in Plaxo. I didn’t notice the problem with the configuration of openid.server and openid.delegate due to the fact that the XRDS settings was correctly configured and all of the sites that I use OpenID with do support XRDS.


Plaxo is a real cool tool to synchronize your calendar and address book. Their new v3.0 (still in preview/beta mode) is really really cool and can sync from everything to everything.

They just announced that they now support OpenID as a relaying party so you can sign up for Plaxo using an existing OpenID or attach OpenID identities (yes, in plural) to your Plaxo account.

I already had a Plaxo account so I wanted to attach my existing OpenID to it. My OpenID is actually delegated from this blog to MyOpenID (my OpenID provider) using the OpenID Delegation plugin. It seems as though the Plaxo implementation lacks support for delegation.

Too bad, delegation is one of the stronger features OpenID has.

Plaxo, please support OpenID delegation. Without delegation it’s not a complete OpenID solution (at least I think so).

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  1. I have tested Plaxo’s OpenID support tonight and it worked well (including delegation). I also delegate to MyOpenID but I am not using your OpenID delegation plugin.

  2. Eran-thanks for the note. We do support delegated OpenIDs, but for some reason yours is failing. I’m looking in the logs and it seems to resolve to, but then when it tries to negotiate with it fails (it says “mac_key: no such parameter”) so I guess I need to digg into why it’s complaining. Oddly, if I put in directly, it redirects fine. Hmm…anything special about your setup? Otherwise standby and I’ll see if i can fix it. Thanks! js

  3. Hi Joseph, it seems Brian Ellin hit the spot.

    I had a problem in my WP database and it seemed to mess up some configuration settings in regards to the OpenID Delegation plugin.
    Since I had XRDS configured correctly and all the sites that I have used up until now with OpenID did support XRDS all worked well, but it seems that Plaxo doesn’t support XRDS yet.

    I re-configured the openid.server and openid.delegate as Brian suggested and it worked just fine.

    Sorry for the problems. I’ll update the post to reflect that fix. It seems I simply didn’t notice the problems in the configuration due to the XRDS support for the rest of the sites I’m using OpenID.

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