I got a refund! Woohooo!

A long long time ago on July 6th 2005 I’ve posted a rant post about how I’m so pissed at Google after I had to pay $37.25 to get a “Free” Google T-Shirt I won because I wrote the Google Search API .NET Wrapper.

Well, now after 8 months I finally got a refund.

It started as a strange Email I got from the GoogleStore saying something about my request being handled. I didn’t figure what this was and the Email didn’t have any special links in it.

I looked online in my credit card’s bill and I saw a refund of $37.25 from Google.

Although it’s a bit late I still would like to thank Google for hearing me out. Way to go! Keep up the good work!

Now I won’t be embarrassed (I was embarrassed before because I had to pay almost $40 for a geek T-Shirt) to roam the street of Tel Aviv with my very own Google Desktop Geek T-Shirt!

Thanks Google! (really)

5 thoughts on “I got a refund! Woohooo!”

  1. Heh, I was supposed to get a free t-shirt from Pandora Music Genome Project for helping them out. However, since they’re technically not-open to non-US users (maybe that’s changed? dunno), then they couldn’t send me a gift, admission that a non-US resident was using their software without a proper license..!

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