Online Life Feed

After reading Grant Robertson’s post – “Taming your own river of news” I’ve decided to use Yahoo Pipes to create my online life feed (it sounds better than “Eran’s river of news”, don’t you think?) You can check it out here. Basically I aggregate the feeds from this blog, my Advanced .NET debugging blog, my Yedda questions, my Yedda answers, my links and my Flickr photostream. These feeds are most of the content I’m generating or contributing to (at least the ones with a feed in it). [Read More]

Yahoo Pipes, Microformats and Extendability

I think Yahoo Pipes is really cool. The main attraction is its slick user interface and ease of use. I just created a pipe of all of the Recent Questions of Yedda translated using Babelfish to French and it took less than 5 minutes. I do have a couple of ideas that I think will make Yahoo Pipes into something very interesting: Accept Regular HTML pages Have a built-in Microformats parser Support for a more complex piping scripting (perhaps in the form of a JavaScript script) Support for state saving (or at least a limited way such as the ability to compare the previous version of the page/feed you are piping) **Accept Regular HTML pages [Read More]