Bad Text and Part of Speech Tagging – Background

I’ve recently been fascinated with some aspects of Natural Language Processing (NLP) having worked on some of them at my day job. One of the key aspects that are very important for a computer program to understand natural language is called Part of Speech Tagging (POS or POST). Basically, in the POS tagging phase, the computer assigned the part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc) to each word of the specified text, thus allowing the computer to figure out what this text is about and perform later analysis with it. [Read More]

My first post using a Blog Editor

I’ve decided I wanted to find a reasonable blog editor to post from instead of using the web interface of Blogger (which is nice, but not THAT nice) After long searches and going through a lot of blog editors (some even cost money) I’ve found this one which is called Zoundry which is even written in Python. It has some neat features in it like: Tags support – including support for Technorati, Del. [Read More]