Have you ever worn a 37.25 USD T-Shirt?

UPDATE: It took a while, but Google eventually refunded me. See my post about that. Apparently, I am going to be the “proud” owner of a 37.25 bucks Google Desktop T-Shirt. The same T-Shirt I was suppose to get for free from Google and apparently, If you are outside of the USA they will ship it ONLY in UPS Express. For god sake, can’t you just USPS it? Normal Air Mail? [Read More]

Goolge are not so bad after all!

The saga of the geeky Google Desktop T-Shirt continues Do you remember my rant post about not being able to order my free Google Desktop T-Shirt that I got after submitting a Google Search API .NET Wrapper? I’ve decided today that I’ll go to the GoogleStore again and try again. I got in, enter the coupon code and it work. Oh what joy! Expect to see me with my Geeky Google T-Shirt rollering around Tel Aviv on my newly bought K2 Exo 4. [Read More]


Its nice to see that MS has finally concluded that AJAX is a technology that is worthy of getting frameworktized into the .NET Framework :-) If you don’t want to wait for “Atlas” and you need to use this technology in .NET Framework 1.1 I would like to suggest Ajax.NET written by Michael Schwartz. It’s well designed and written piece of software which is now even open sourced (Thanks Michael!). [Read More]

My so called Google Desktop Search Plugin

If you remember, I talked in one of the previous posts about the Google Search API .NET Wrapper I wrote that includes a single coherent API for both Google Desktop Search (GDS) and Google Web Search (GWS)? I submitted it to the Google Deskop Search Plugin program almost a month ago and I just got an Email saying that it got in. You can check it out here. How lovely :-) [Read More]

PDC 2005 – What shall I do?

I just read in my Roy’s blog about the contest Channel9 is holding in which you can get free lodging, enterance and $1000 travel fair for the PDC 2005. You can do that by either blogging your way in or code your way in using Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 and the Shareware Starter Kit. Now I’m in a bit of a dilema. a) I doubt that my current employer will pay for this. [Read More]

Google’s Search APIs

I’ve been messing around lately with Google’s Search APIs including the Google Desktop Search (GDS) and Google Web Search (GWS). This is part of some experimentations I’m performing in regards to productivity and search engine/applications. I’ve wrapped both GDS and GWS APIs in a nice .NET assembly (source code in C#). Both of them have the same interface and can generate the result as a .NET DataSet, as an XMLDocument and return the raw format that is being returns from both GDS (string) and GWS (their result structure). [Read More]

Transmeta – the end of an era?!

I just read here about the slow decline of Transmeta and its risk of closing its doors for good. I first heard on Transmeta when the hype around Linus Torvalds’ decision to work there started. I checked their web site and continuously monitored their progress because I really thought they had something good going. They actually innovated the industry and left their mark. You can see it in all the various power consumption technologies that all the big players (Intel, AMD and IBM) have produced since. [Read More]

Don’t you just hate first posts?

Hello. My name is Eran Sandler and I’m a serial blog killer. (you should say “Hello Eran, we love you” at this point). I create and kill blogs all the time but I do hope this blog will be different. First of all, the blogger interface is much better than the last few places I’ve bloged before, so that will probably get me to write a little more. I did notice, however, that this nice editor that I’m writing in is *NOT* working with FireFox and that’s a shame (at least I think so). [Read More]