I’m sitting in Frankfurt Airport (FRA) waiting for my connecting flight to San Francisco which will let me attend Social Graph FooCamp 2008.

According to the cast of people assembled on the wiki it seems that its going to be lots of fun and hopefully very productive.

I’ll be arriving to SF after noonish. If you want to meet, say hi, or anything else, Email me through the contact page.

Since this is a FooCamp, I do have a very rough on the edges topic to discuss and bring up. I wanted to write a post about it before the camp but whenever I started writing the post I kept on hitting open issues (or at least issues that must be resolved before moving on). This eventually made the post very incoherent so I thought that the best way to resolve it is by putting up a session at the camp.

I’ll guess we’ll see what we will end up doing at the end :-)