I own a Nokia E61 phone which I’m very happy with (leave aside the PC Suite backup problem my wife had when she upgraded to an E61 as well).

Even though I’m an Israeli I use its English interface because it’s less buggy and because most of the things I do with the phone (Emails and such) are usually in English, but from time to time I do need the occasional SMS in Hebrew.

Some of the programs on the E61 like Opera Mini and Fring (great program btw, try it! it gives you MSN Messenger, Google Talk and Skype capabilities on your cell phone including voice!!!) don’t have the “Writing Language” option on their menu and I was forced to do a stupid thing like go and create a new SMS message, change the language and return back to the program.

I knew there had to be a way of changing the language without doing this stupid thing and I finally found it.

You should press:

Shift (the Up arrow) + Chr

That’s all. Simple as that. Works in all text entry screens.

Heck, I’m probably the last Nokia E61 user on this planet that has more than one language on his phone and don’t know this shortcut… :-)