At my day job (Yedda, if you dont already know) we just introduced a whole bunch of new features.

Some of the new features includes these cool Widgets that you see on the left side of this blog which allows you to interact with Yedda.

  • The first widget is the AskBox widget – it allows you and your readers to post questions directly from your blog or Web site into Yedda. Each posted question will contain a link back to your blog or Web site stating that this question was posted from your blog or Web site.
  • The second widget is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) widget – You specify topics that you wish to view in your widget and when placed on your blog or Web site you’ll see a list of these questions.

If you have your own blog or Web site go to the Yedda Widgets page, create a widget and place it on your blog or Web Site.