I just found out about the new name of the previously Windows code named “Longhorn”.

Guess what, it called Windows Vista.

Now I wonder who is the smart-ass marketing guy that thought about that?

What is this? half resurrecting dead Digital Corp. companies?

The year branding (95,98,2000,2003) I could live with, the XP signature was OK (at least it sounded good) but VISTA?!

I guess Office will be the next thing to lose the year branding (although it lost it in XP and gained it back in 2003).

Perhaps the real reason and its impact is hidden from me because I’m not a marketing guy and/or your average Joe in computing.

Only time will tell.

I just hope that they will come to their senses like they did in Windows 2003 (which was previously named .NET Server in most Betas).