UPDATE: It took a while, but Google eventually refunded me. See my post about that.

Apparently, I am going to be the “proud” owner of a 37.25 bucks Google Desktop T-Shirt.

The same T-Shirt I was suppose to get for free from Google and apparently, If you are outside of the USA they will ship it ONLY in UPS Express.

For god sake, can’t you just USPS it? Normal Air Mail?! it will cost like $7.

This is an amount of money that can be expected for a “FREE” T-Shirt.

Most of the T-Shirts in the GoogleStore cost ~12 dollars so shipping it in USPS will set you back around ~20 bucks. I thought Google have a LOT of money. I’m sure they could have taken the shipping costs on themselves.

The annoying thing is that I knew they might charge me for that (which is OK) but it never said in anywhere that I saw that it will be shipped in the MOST expensive way.

It better be from a fine material, not that scartchy cheap stuff they make most of the geek merchandising shirts of.

I’m pissed.