The saga of the geeky Google Desktop T-Shirt continues

Do you remember my rant post about not being able to order my free Google Desktop T-Shirt that I got after submitting a Google Search API .NET Wrapper?

I’ve decided today that I’ll go to the GoogleStore again and try again.

I got in, enter the coupon code and it work. Oh what joy!

Expect to see me with my Geeky Google T-Shirt rollering around Tel Aviv on my newly bought K2 Exo 4.0 Rollerblades (I’m still a rollerblades virgin, so you’ll probably see me more on my ass than actually roller blading).

Google Maps API Finally Released

On another Google note, Google released their first version of the public API for Google Maps.

Now that’s something I’ve been waiting to see.

The only thing I find missing is the Search Ability they have in their own Maps site which enables you to write something like “Pizza Place, Washington D.C., USA” and get all Pizza places in Washington D.C..

They don’t expose it yet, but they do give a link to a query in Google for free geocoding sites that can give you geographic locations for streets and places.

I wonder if I can cook up a web site that will let you do a few things:

  1. Search for location using text queries (like “Pizza Place, Washington D.C., USA”) and show them on the map (similar to Google Maps)
  2. Let you add new places by marking them on the map, adding their address and some text to them and saving them to my database.
  3. Add a Web Service that will enable everyone to query my database.

What do you think?