My name is Eran Sandler and I’m a serial blog killer. (you should say “Hello Eran, we love you” at this point).

I create and kill blogs all the time but I do hope this blog will be different.

First of all, the blogger interface is much better than the last few places I’ve bloged before, so that will probably get me to write a little more.

I did notice, however, that this nice editor that I’m writing in is *NOT* working with FireFox and that’s a shame (at least I think so).

So, blogger people, please fix this…

Besides that I’m a geek and I do geeky things like write code and mess around with computers.

I do plan, however, to make this a professional / geeks / useful place for info blog instead of all the “My boyfriend left me” blogs. So it might be interesting to a few people (very few people).

That’s it for a first post.