WordPress Upgrade

I’ve just finished upgrading this blog to WordPress 2.1. This is my first post in 2.1 and if it goes well, it will mark the succesful upgrade of this blog to the new and fine WordPress version.

In the process I had the oppertunity to also verify that my MicroID Plugin for WordPress as well as my OpenID Delegation Plugin for WordPress works in version 2.1 as well as they did in WordPress 2.0.x.

If you do run into problems with these plugins on WordPress 2.1 ping me.

Another MicroID plugin for WordPress

A reader of this blog, Nate Olson, just informed me that there is another WordPress plugin for MicroID and is written by Richard K. Miller (Thanks Nate!).

Richard’s plugin adds microid on the homepage (it uses the admin’s Email for that), on each of the posts (according to the Email of the post’s creator) and on each of the comments (according to the supplied URL and Email of each of the commentators).

Well… It’s a lot more than I have done :-), but I specifically didn’t want to use the Admin’s Email as the MicroID of choice for the homepage, mainly because I, for example, administer n WordPress blog for my friend. My Email is listed on the Admin, but he is the actual owner of the blog.

I’m considering adding the following features:

  • Add the ability to choose from the list of users, the user from which the MicroID of the homepage will be generated
  • Add a MicroID to each post page by using the posting user’s Email
  • Add a MicroID to each comment by using the commentator’s Email and the current page’s URL (including the anchor to the comment). Note that the commentator must provide the Email.
  • Enabling and disabling each one of these features from the configuration.

The benefits of adding a MicroID to each post page is that if you have a blog with multiple contributors, each will be able to claim their own post by using a service like claimID.

Having a MicroID on a comment will allow a user to claim the comment, which I know some people might want to do.

Do you think when creating a MicroID on comments, should the user have differnet MicroIDs on each comment, allowing the user to claim a specific post, or should the user have only one MicroID for all of the user’s comment?

What do you think? Do you have any other suggestion as to what to add?

MicroID Plugin for WordPress

MicroID as the web site says is:

MicroID is a lightweight identity layer for the web, invented by Jeremie Miller (creator of Jabber). MicroID enables anyone to claim verifiable ownership over content hosted anywhere on the web (social networking sites, discussion forums, blogs, etc.). MicroID is not an authentication or single-sign-on service, just a straightforward method for identifying content ownership that complements existing technologies such as OpenID and microformats. The technology is radically simple and enables developers to build new and unique meta services with minimal effort.

So after all of this technical mambo-jambo, what can MicroID do for you?

MicroID for you, minus techno mambo-jamo
MicroID enables you to claim content that you have produced. In most new web sites of the “current” age of the Internet YOU, the user, creates the content. Since we all have multiple identities and multiple user names in different web sites, would it be great to have one trusted and verifiable way of saying that this and that content from this and that site is really something we have created?

There are services such as claimID which provides you with a way of claiming what’s yours.

The perks
So, where does this plugin comes in?

  • If you have your own WordPress blog and you want to add MicroID to it without the hassle of editing PHP files and dealing with HTML – this plugin is for you.
  • If you like to switch your themes oh so often – this plugin is for you.
  • If you would like to claim your content and show everyone the stuff you really want to show them and be proud of creating – this plugin is for you.

So, how do I get it?
You can get the plugin and instructions on how to install it and configure it (which is dead simple) by clicking here!

If you have have comments, ideas, thoughts or anything else, don’t hesitate to leave a comment on this post.


I’m blogging directly from Eurekamp where I’ll start a presentation and discussion about Trust and Identity online. I’ll try to cover topics such as why do I need, how to do it (OpenID, OpenID, OpenID) how to claim what is content that was generated by me (MicroID, MicroID, MicroID).

I’ll post some of the slides here after we will finish.

The slides will be a bit not organized, mainly because they are markers to the point in the presentation/discussion and does not represent a standard presentation.