Knock knock! Who’s there? Yedda. Yedda who? Yedda from AOL

I know I’ve been very quiet recently but some of you know why. It took me a while to write about it but its true and it did happen.

Yedda is now part of AOL.

There are some very interesting things planned for Yedda inside AOL. You’ll just have to wait and see :-) so forgive me if I’ll disappear for a while again due to some work related obligations.

Israeli Shortage in High End Laptops

At Yedda (my day job) we recently ordered 3 new laptops.

Our spec was very specific (that’s how we are ;-) ):

  • Core Duo 2 running on at least 2Ghz
  • 2Gb of RAM
  • 100Gb or more hard drive
  • WXGA+ screen (1440×960 resolution)
  • 14.1″ screen
  • Non shared memory video card
  • DVD burner

The reason we want 14.1″ screens is due to size and weight (some of us, not me, rides on bikes and/or motorcycles to get to the YeddaHQ). We also wanted as high resolution as possible and the WXGA+ seems very good.

Up until now we mostly used Thinkpads so we obviously checked out the new T61.

Aside from the fact that it was a bit costly (which we were willing to accept) there were no T61 machines in Israel with WXGA+ or with a Core Duo 2 running on at least 2Ghz or the machines had an integrated shared memory video card (which is a big no no!).

We checked out the Dell D630 which also had the same configuration, got good reviews and was surprisingly ~$500 cheaper. The only problem was that it had to be specially ordered for us since Dell Israel doesn’t work the same way it works in the USA. Dell Israel brings a certain set of models to Israel and Israelis don’t get the pleasure of having a specific Dell machine built just for them.

Luckily we ordered 3 machines and our supplier was willing to place a special order at Dell UK for us.

The original estimated delivery time was 3 weeks (work weeks, not calendar weeks) which ended up today.

As you can figure out from the title, the machines will not arrive today. It seems that there is a shortage in Israel not just in Dell high end laptops but in other brands as well and I’ve heard people getting a delivery date for December.

The official explanation for the delay in shipment of our Dell machines was that there is a delay in LCD screens in the UK and that’s why the machines are sitting there screen-less waiting for us.

The current expected delivery date out of the UK is the 25th of September. I guess we will just have to wait.

Cross platform, Winamp functionality identical media player ?!

I like WinAmp. It’s a great media player. Always has been.

I’m still using it when I use Windows because its not as bloated and heavy as Windows Media Player or iTunes. If you got the right skin you can stick it up at the top of the screen where its reachable, useful, shows you what you are listening to and not get in your way.

It also has lots of plugins for every conceivable idea, which is always good.

Therefore, I wanted to know this:

Yedda  People. Sharing. Knowledge.Is there a media player that has exactly the same …

Is there a media player that has exactly the same functionality as WinAmp (plugins, media library, skins, support for video and audio and some streaming formats) and is cross platform?

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Asked by Eran on August 29, 2007

View the entire discussion on YeddaYedda  People. Sharing. Knowledge.

I’d really love to have an open source solution that does all of the things that WinAmp can do.

Yedda Twitter – Oh the joy!

I just wanted to let all of you know that we just released a new feature on Yedda which integrates nicely with your Twitter account.

You can read the official blog post here.

In a nut shell, upon giving Yedda your twitter username and password, you will be able to share your Yedda expecrience with your Twitter friends.

We will twitt on behalf of you about questions you ask, answers you give, questions you add to your watch list, thumbs up you give to other answers and questions you are being invited to answer by Yedda (all configurable through the settings screen).

Share the Yedda love through Twitter. It’s fun! (and I’m not just saying that because I am a part of Yedda ;-) really!)

Just beware: it’s addictive.

Yedda Twitter .NET / C# Library

This is a bit of shameless promotion but I think it’s worthwhile never the less :-)

One of the things I did lately on my day job (Yedda) was to integrate it with Twitter (check the integration here and add Yedda as your friend!).

Yedda is all about sharing and us sharing things like code with the rest of the world is no exception.

So, without further due, I’m proud to present the Yedda Twitter .NET / C# Library (you will see that it’s more of wrapper than a library… really ;-) ). The post about it in our Dev Blog is here and the details, source and binary are here.

The code is free as in beer and is provided on a “AS IS” basis.

If you have questions about the library, Twitter, C#, .NET, the API, the meaning of life etc, feel free to ask on Yedda. – Invitation

I always get a little bit envy when I see all the cool events various people arrange in the USA for all kinds of stuff. Camps, Conferences, Confluences, un-conferences, whatever.

Now, the Israeli Internet scene is starting to wake up and everyone will see what cool events we can do :-)

You are all invited! Register, come and enjoy!

Thou Shall Create a Widget for All to See

At my day job (Yedda, if you dont already know) we just introduced a whole bunch of new features.
Some of the new features includes these cool Widgets that you see on the left side of this blog which allows you to interact with Yedda.

  • The first widget is the AskBox widget – it allows you and your readers to post questions directly from your blog or Web site into Yedda. Each posted question will contain a link back to your blog or Web site stating that this question was posted from your blog or Web site.
  • The second widget is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) widget – You specify topics that you wish to view in your widget and when placed on your blog or Web site you’ll see a list of these questions.

If you have your own blog or Web site go to the Yedda Widgets page, create a widget and place it on your blog or Web Site.

Yedda and me or why didn’t I post here lately

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been very busy with Yedda and it is the main reason why it’s been very quite here.
But now, you can check out my Profile at Yedda as well as see questions I’ve answered and questions I’ve asked.

And as Yaniv pointed out, this is also a test question. I’m not really into baking and stuff…

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I know it has been a little quite around here and on my other blog.
I may have hinted a bit in the past that I’m involved in this new and cool project but if I didn’t, I’ll say it out loud, I AM INVOVLED IN A COOL PROJECT :-)

That’s the main reason for the quiteness.

This project is called Yedda and you are more then welcome to visit the site and the Yedda Blog to get more information.
It’s soon about to roll out into beta so be sure to apply for it.