Seedcamp Tel-Aviv 2012

It’s that time of the year and Seedcamp Tel-Aviv is back (for the forth year!). This time lool Ventures is part of the event!

In one of my hats I’m the CTO of lool Ventures and I’ll be there as a mentor to give advice and share from my experience in building a startup.

So if you have a great idea and started to work on it be sure to apply now.



Forecast: Cloudy – My New Cloud Related Technical Blog

I’ve started a new technical blog which talks about the cloud. It’s called Forecast: Cloudy and it will feature thoughts, ideas and some code driven mostly from my experience running services on cloud infrastructure.

The first post (after the traditional “Hello World“) already has some code :-)

Check it out and don’t forget to tell me what you think about it.

SocialGraph FooCamp 2008 here I come!

I’m sitting in Frankfurt Airport (FRA) waiting for my connecting flight to San Francisco which will let me attend Social Graph FooCamp 2008.

According to the cast of people assembled on the wiki it seems that its going to be lots of fun and hopefully very productive.

I’ll be arriving to SF after noonish. If you want to meet, say hi, or anything else, Email me through the contact page.

Since this is a FooCamp, I do have a very rough on the edges topic to discuss and bring up. I wanted to write a post about it before the camp but whenever I started writing the post I kept on hitting open issues (or at least issues that must be resolved before moving on). This eventually made the post very incoherent so I thought that the best way to resolve it is by putting up a session at the camp.

I’ll guess we’ll see what we will end up doing at the end :-)

OAuth Core 1.0 Final – Out the door into a service near you

At IIW 2007b OAuth Core 1.0 Final was released.

I wish I could attend IIW but I had previous work related obligations that I simply could not get out of. I do hope to attend the next one (IIW 2008a).

Now it’s time to update the C# client to the latest and really final version of the spec.

Congrats to everyone involved with OAuth. It is a truly amazing group of people and I think we can all be proud of the outcome!

Knock knock! Who’s there? Yedda. Yedda who? Yedda from AOL

I know I’ve been very quiet recently but some of you know why. It took me a while to write about it but its true and it did happen.

Yedda is now part of AOL.

There are some very interesting things planned for Yedda inside AOL. You’ll just have to wait and see :-) so forgive me if I’ll disappear for a while again due to some work related obligations.

OAuth Core 1.0 Final Draft – Implement it while it’s hot

After Chris blogged about it Eran Hammer-Lahav wrote a Beginner’s Guide to OAuth I have little to add.

I will add though that my C# library which I’m promising for quite some time will get out very soon :-) (Sorry for the delay, it’s been hectic around here).

Jerusalem ROCKS! Tickets are on sale

Jeff posted a couple of days ago that the tickets for the Jerusalem ROCKS! event are on sale at

Go here to read more about Jerusalem ROCKS! I also wrote a little bit about Jerusalem ROCKS! here.

Jeff is looking for bloggers from both Israel and around the world who would like to cover and/or promote the show. If you are interested Email to and introduce yourself.

I’ve corresponded a little bit with Jeff about why he was doing this Event and he told me that he wanted to do something that no one did for almost 20 years. Also he wanted that Israeli people will just have fun.

At first I thought there should be something more to this than just fun, but then it hit me. Fun is something that is generally underestimated and undervalued specifically in our region of the world.

Such a show with performers in such caliber all in one place and in Jerusalem on top of all is something that is really awesome.

So… just go there and have fun. Have fun without worrying about the mundane things in life that are usually in your head. Clear your mind and just absorb the fun (there is going to be lots of it!)

Facebook hCard Microformat Application

Being a big fan of Microformats as well as a relatively new Facebook user, I find it odd that Facebook has no Microformats support (at least non that I know of).

I’ve decided to remedy the situation a bit and created a small Facebook application which adds hCard support to your profile as a profile box. It is called the hCard application.

It features your Contact information (as much of it as it can) which include:

  • You profile photo (thumb version)
  • Your full name
  • Link to your Facebook profile
  • City, state and country (any combination of these 3)

Up until now (~8am Israel time) there are 38 users (and only 6 of them are my friends, so it’s quite nice ;-) ).

As far as I could see from my friends’ profile, most of them didn’t add much information, and Facebook are doing a good job saving the privacy of their users by not exposing too much information. This means that the information exposes using the hCard only shows their profile photo and name. In some cases it shows their country and/or state.

All in all, its a good experiment so far, but you can make it better by adding it to your profile and invite your friends to add it as well :-)

If you have suggestion, comments or anything else about the application feel free to drop me something on my contact page here on this blog, or comment in the application’s discussion board on Facebook.

Yedda Twitter – Oh the joy!

I just wanted to let all of you know that we just released a new feature on Yedda which integrates nicely with your Twitter account.

You can read the official blog post here.

In a nut shell, upon giving Yedda your twitter username and password, you will be able to share your Yedda expecrience with your Twitter friends.

We will twitt on behalf of you about questions you ask, answers you give, questions you add to your watch list, thumbs up you give to other answers and questions you are being invited to answer by Yedda (all configurable through the settings screen).

Share the Yedda love through Twitter. It’s fun! (and I’m not just saying that because I am a part of Yedda ;-) really!)

Just beware: it’s addictive.

New Theme – Whiippii!

I’ve moved into a new theme called Aqueous-Lite. Those of you reading my blog through my feed are welcome to check it out…

I felt kind of restricted in the old theme since it wasn’t fluid and it would be a shame not to use the full screen to show content, mainly for long posts (which I do have a tendency to write once in a while ;-) ).

Of course, this theme is widgets ready (like the previous one) so it’s nice to have the ability to switch themes without changing things too much on the widgets (mainly background colors and stuff).

I also moved the Google Ads to the right side (its inside a widget) so it won’t bother and take screen space at the top of the screen (it will probably hurt my CPC but it wasn’t that great to begin with :-) ).

If you have comments or anything else, comment here or contact me through my contact form.