nsq-to-gs – Streaming NSQ messages directly to Google Cloud Storage


In addition to my previously published (very early) project to stream NSQ messages directly to BigQuery, I am happy to presents a modified version of nsq-to-s3 that supports streaming NSQ messages directly Google Cloud Storage.

Grab it while its hot from the nsq-to-gs repo.

I do see a future for a merged version of these two projects that supports both S3 and Google Cloud Storage but this would have to be enough for now.


The current version has the same functionality as the latest nsq-to-s3 version and was adapted to support Google Storage with minor modifications (such as the default path and filename formats).

2 thoughts on “nsq-to-gs – Streaming NSQ messages directly to Google Cloud Storage”

  1. check out minio. Its a cloud indepent storage project written in go.
    so you can store in GS or AWS, but also run your own, and there is no changes to your code

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