OAuth Core 1.0 Final – Out the door into a service near you

At IIW 2007b OAuth Core 1.0 Final was released.

I wish I could attend IIW but I had previous work related obligations that I simply could not get out of. I do hope to attend the next one (IIW 2008a).

Now it’s time to update the C# client to the latest and really final version of the spec.

Congrats to everyone involved with OAuth. It is a truly amazing group of people and I think we can all be proud of the outcome!

Knock knock! Who’s there? Yedda. Yedda who? Yedda from AOL

I know I’ve been very quiet recently but some of you know why. It took me a while to write about it but its true and it did happen.

Yedda is now part of AOL.

There are some very interesting things planned for Yedda inside AOL. You’ll just have to wait and see :-) so forgive me if I’ll disappear for a while again due to some work related obligations.