Twitter and OpenID

Dave Winer says:

“[…] we could make Twitter the open identity system we’ve been looking for. Make your Twitter ID the one that you use to log on to other service […]”

I say let Twitter support OpenID with all of the good Relaying Party Best Practices including (but not limited to):

  • Ability to associate an existing account with an OpenID
  • Ability to switch to another OpenID (sort of a password recovery for OpenID)
  • Ability to create a new account directly with an external (non Twitter) OpenID (be a standard relaying party)

If they want to, they can also be an OpenID provider (which should be good for them, of course ;-) ).

  • Dmitry Shechtman

    It looks like you weren’t the first to make this connection

    I guess if less than 15 people are thinking about something at once, it’s probably crap anyway :-)

  • Eran

    Apparently I wasn’t :-)
    Crap, I missed it by one day. Damned timezones…

  • Kavin

    Dmitry Shechtman not from Russia?

  • Dmitry Shechtman

    Kavin, I’m based in Israel. Why are you asking?

  • Eran

    Steven, I have no idea, but I can try to find out :-)

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