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After reading Grant Robertson’s post – “Taming your own river of news” I’ve decided to use Yahoo Pipes to create my online life feed (it sounds better than “Eran’s river of news”, don’t you think?)

You can check it out here.

Basically I aggregate the feeds from this blog, my Advanced .NET debugging blog, my Yedda questions, my Yedda answers, my links and my Flickr photostream.

These feeds are most of the content I’m generating or contributing to (at least the ones with a feed in it). If I’ll remember some other feeds that I’m contributing to and forgot to add, I’ll update the pipe.

I’m quite sure that the rest of the features Grant wanted, like being able to group it by Year/date, source and topic are probalby best kept for the various RSS readers (mostly the desktop ones).

Go on and create your own online life feed and share it with everyone! :-)

2 thoughts on “Online Life Feed”

  1. I can type whole life in computer. I don’t want to do it, I can’t do it. When I type I can see my mistakes. If I would know my mistakes, I wouldn’t do it in future. BUT human, who doesn’t make mistakes isn’t human. It is a machine. Terminator, as you can remember

  2. Well, this is not my whole life, but only the digital part of it.
    Besides, its sometimes good to see some of your mistakes and reflect on them so you will not make them all over again…

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