I’m probably the last person to talk about this but Scott Kveton posted on his blog that his company, JanRain and GNR (who manages the .name top level domain) has come into partnership to deliver a solution that encompasses a .name URL for you as well as built-in OpenID delegation support.

Check the details at the site.

You’ll get a 90 days free trial, after which it will cost $10.95/year.

You’ll get a forwarding email address in the form of (if its available) as well as a site in the form of You can forward that site to whatever page you wish.

The best part is that you automagically get to use this URL (which is rather easy to remember. Duh!) as your OpenID URL in any OpenID enabled site.

The OpenID provider for this service is, of course, JanRain’s own MyOpenID.

I don’t know how much similar services for .name domain (minus the OpenID support, of course) cost per year, but I think this is one of the cheap ones.

The only thing I can add to the discussion in the comments section on Scott’s post, is that if GNR will enable other people using a .name solution to migrate to this new service, that would really make things going. Oh, and they should probably also offer an Email box (which might make this solution cost a bit more, but I think its worth it) because the few people that I know of have a real Email box attached to ther .name solution.

I don’t think that I’ll need a .name solution since I own which is more than fine by me, but this is great for anyone who doesn’t want to mess too much with settings up domains, sites and the rest.

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  1. Dmitry, I don’t know what happended but I think it would have been best for you to just use trackback. I’ll see what’s up with links in comments

  2. Hi Eran,

    you’re spot on – we’re (more than) thinking about releasing a mashup API in the ID platform (e.g. to let other sites integrate .name domains (e.g. and emails ( into their own services.

    Thanks for your article,

    GNR (

  3. hakon, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :-)

    And I’m looking forward to see how the rest of the .name providers adopt a similar service so that everyone could benefit from OpenID and a .NAME domain/email.

  4. Hi Eran,

    I hope many of the .name Registrars will embrace the platform – is a “skinnable” platform that any .name Registrar can use, we will power it for them but they can add their design to it via custom CSS files.

    OpenID will of course be a part of the bundle for all Registrars, as well as Pageflakes and other potential services.



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