Google Docs & Spreadsheets integration with Gmail

Google Gmail recently got a new feature allowing one to open Word documents using Google Docs and we can safely assume that PDF and Excel (for use with Google Spreadsheets) documents are on their way as well.

Sometimes a Word document can be quite big with lots of added stuff like images, drawings and so on.

If Google can handle the on-the-fly (or at least on-mail-receive) Word documents conversions I do think that they can (and hopefully will) handle Movie files conversions like I suggest in my previous post about integrating YouTube/Google Video with Gmail.

Since copyright issues are the same for Word documents, having the movie converted and show only to the mail recipient shouldn’t be much of a problem.

I wonder if the Gmail team subscribed to RSS alerts on their product the same way as the Google Reader team :-)

2 thoughts on “Google Docs & Spreadsheets integration with Gmail”

  1. Jeff, I don’t see YouTube or Google Video going down and people upload thousand of videos to them every day.

    Google already have the necessary horse power to make this thing work and I don’t see any reason why it should work like that specifically after they already have a Google Docs integration (and I know that converting a Word document takes far less time than a video).

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