Proxy OpenID Services

I just bumped into this post by Martin Atkins that talks about proxy OpenID services that can delegate OpenID formated requests to their respective browser based authentication identity providers.

I’m actually working on such a thing that will delegate OpenID to Yahoo’s BBAuth authentication allowing anyone with a Yahoo ID (and, of course, anyone with Yahoo Email) to authenticate using OpenID.

The only annoying thing is that the URL is a bit ugly. Currently, my version uses a URL structure of /users/ which is a bit annoying, but should be sufficient for now.

I’m hoping to get a release sometime next week. Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Proxy OpenID Services”

  1. I sure hope I’ll manage to release it by next week (hopefully it will even work :-) ).

    If it will work I’ll see if I can also add Google Accounts to it.

    But first things first, lets make BBAuth work :-)

  2. Sounds very interesting, although you’ll probably be violating their terms by doing this.

    Isn’t it better to make the URL look like /yahoo/john (later maybe /google/john?)

    ??? ????, ??????! ;-)

  3. Actually I don’t think I will be violating their terms of usage, since I’ve applied to a valid API key and I’m using their services to authenticate users, which is exactly what their services is suppose to do.

    Anyhow, your URL suggestion might just work :-) But in Yahoo’s case they have multiple users in the form of and stuff like that.

    Perhaps as a first stage I’ll simply support users and afterwards if I can get Google Accounts working with

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