The feed reader of my dreams

I’m what you may call a medium to heavy feed junkie. I read most of the information today using my favorite feed reader RSS Bandit.

While RSS Bandit is a great feed reader it does have its limitations. The biggest one being that its a client side application and it doesn’t sync to one of the server side readers.

I sometimes want to read my feeds at home, sometimes at work or sometimes when I don’t have a computer with me and I just want to login in some Internet cafe and be able to continue reading where I left off.

I don’t know if RSS Bandit does support such a feature, AFAIK it doesn’t. What it does support is the ability to save its feed list and state to some remote location and be able to upload it to some remote storage location (i.e. some accessible FTP site) and download it back again. I found some posts about people saying that they found some ways of doing that and keep the state of the read/unread items, which is a partial solution, but it’s not what I’m looking for. It doesn’t answer my need of being able to continue reading my favorite feeds even when I don’t have one of my machines near me.

So what do I really need?

I want a server-side service with a good API for:

  • Managing Feeds – Adding, removing, grouping them into groups
  • Managing the state of feed posts – Marking what I read as read and what I’ve marked an unread as unread
  • Syncing up – If I install a rich client on a new machine, it should sync up with the server with all of the feeds and its state.
  • Handling a LARGE amount of feeds – well, as I’ve said I’m a medium to heavy feed junkie :-)

Ever since I’ve read Niall Kennedy’s post about the Google Reader API I’ve been meaning to try and cook something up, even though it doesn’t really answer all of my needs (at least as far as the API functions Niall talked about). I wonder if that will piss them off too much :-)

There are a few web application based feed readers, but then I’ll always need access to my home machine (or office machine) which I usually have, but I don’t really want to rely on it. I prefer using one of the big guys’ feed service.

Oh well, time to start getting dirty (unless someone already did that, if so, drop me a comment!)

4 thoughts on “The feed reader of my dreams”

  1. Hi Erans,

    I agree that RSS Bandit is one of the best readers around. But I have a question which I think you might be able to answer.


    1) I am reading some blog online and I find it interesting.

    2) I open my RSS Feed reader, and subscribe.

    3) The blogger had written 230 articles (blogs).

    4) I want to download all of them at one shot.

    5) Alas!! I am unable to :o( I tried re-registering, but no matter what I do, it always gets me just 15 or so entries. Is there ANY READER or ANY SETTING, which I can set so that it downloads all the blog entries at one shot??


  2. Hi Rahul Soni,

    The problem you are describing is not related to any feed reader. The problem is in the way most blogging engines work.

    If a certain blog has 200+ posts, exposing all of them in its RSS feed will make the feed so big that it will take a lot of time (and bandwidth for the blog owner) to download.

    That is why most blogging engines save between 15-50 posts (depending on the blogging engine and/or configuration).

  3. Thanks Erans!

    I guessed that and it makes sense as well. The question remains, is there any way, when I can say… Download April’s entries or May’s entires etc?

    That way, it will save the blogger bandwidth and the client will have all the entries at one place (specially good for guys who are not blessed with full time connectivity to the internet).

    Any thoughts?

  4. Sorry to disappoint you but this is simply not how things work.

    Most (if not all) feeds only expose a subset of the posts and that’s it.

    You can, however, use some of the blog search engines to find other posts on topics that interest you or simply browse the blog’s archives.

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